The skin gets less elastic and droops as we age and the neck muscles slacken. The natural fat under the skin also sags creating the “turkey-neck” folds. The rate is determined by your genes and stress, gravity, exposure to the sun and weight loss.


Often neck related ageing follows loss of shape of the jawline when you hit early 50’s.


The aim of a neck lift is to eliminate vertical folds, to tighten the skin and reduce excess fat . This can usually be done laterally through incisions similar to a facelift and centrally through an inch long incision under the chin (known as a platysmaplasty).


A garment is often needed to support the neck during recovery. Over the subsequent few days you can gently wash your hair with a mild shampoo, obviously exercising care in the suture area. It is important not to stoop or carry out vigorous activities for the first seven days after the surgery otherwise postoperative bleeding can result. Sutures dissolve seven to ten days postoperatively. Within one week much of the bruising and swelling should have resolved enough to return to work using cover makeup. It is advisable to avoid hair colouring 4-6 weeks following surgery.


Bruising, swelling and numbness are temporary following a necklift and are mostly resolved after two weeks. To help lessen the bruising, we suggest taking Arnica two weeks prior to surgery and two weeks after. Should infection occur it is usually readily treated with antibiotics. If a haematoma (a collection of blood under the skin) should occur, a revisit to the operating theatre may be necessary. However, if dealt with promptly this does not affect the long term results.

How long?

2 Hours




2 weeks


(From) £9000

Why Angelica Kavouni?

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